Sunday 12th May, 10am-4.30pm

Join this fascinating course to better understand how digestion works, from common digestive problems to plant actions, how to identify parsley (and/or cabbage) plant family, food & herb know-how kit, remedy making, grain/pulse dish, digestive decoction, mucilage powder mix, pesto.

This award-winning course is for anyone interested in healing plants and foods, health, gardening or working with communities. It includes discussion, tasting and identifying healing plants, practical remedy making and assessing your own health. It’s about the pleasure of sharing knowledge, growing, eating, drinking and turning that plant into a simple remedy!

The digestive system is seen as fundamental to our overall health in most traditional medicine systems. We will be looking at the physiology of digestion and at common problems affecting digestive health and see what kinds of herbs, foods and lifestyle strategies can help with these, as well as those promoting digestive function. We will include a tour of commonly used digestive herbs featured in the garden, as well as tasting and preparing digestive remedies including a tea, a decoction and a basic food dish.

Please bring your own apron if you wish and rainwear in case of poor weather for our herb walk in the garden. The fee for the day includes morning coffee/tea, lunch and afternoon tea with cake, along with handouts and a remedy to take home.

Here is the order of the four courses being held here in 2019

Living Medicine: Digestive Discomforts - Sunday 12th May
Living Medicine: Sleep, Anxiety & Fatigue - Sunday 14th July
Living Medicine: Skin & First Aid - Sunday 8th September
Living Medicine: Coughs, Colds & Allergies - Sunday 10th November


Alex Laird BSc MCPP Founder Director, Living Medicine

Alex is a medical herbalist and founder of charity Living Medicine

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