Sunday 8th September, 10am-4.30pm

This one-day workshop will cover:

Food and herb know-how kit for first aid and skin problems, identifying the daisy family, and remedy-making: infused oil, ointment, cream, lotion.

The skin is the body’s largest organ with multiple nerve endings to protect us. We will explore how to nourish its many functions with foods and herbs. This practical session will cover how to address common problems such as eczema, cold sores, insect bites and acne, and which herbs are specific for viral, fungal or bacterial infections. We will look at these herbs in the garden, smell and taste them and together turn them into useful remedies. We will make an infused oil, ointment, cream and lotion as part of a first aid kit.

This award-winning course is for anyone interested in healing plants and foods, health, gardening or working with communities. It includes discussion, tasting and identifying healing plants, practical remedy making and assessing your own health and diet. It’s about the pleasure of sharing knowledge, growing, eating, drinking and turning that plant into a simple remedy!

Here is the order of the 4 courses being held here in 2019:

Living Medicine: Digestive Discomforts - Sunday 12th May
Living Medicine: Sleep, Anxiety & Fatigue - Sunday 14th July
Living Medicine: Skin & First Aid - Sunday 8th September
Living Medicine: Coughs, Colds & Allergies - Sunday 10th November

Alex Laird BSc MCPP Founder Director, Living Medicine

Alex is a medical herbalist and founder of charity Living Medicine


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Living Medicine: Skin & First Aid

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