May 13th- November 11th 2018
This award-winning 4-day course, spread over 2018 is for anyone interested in healing plants and foods, health, gardening or working with communities. It includes discussion, tasting and identifying healing plants, practical remedy making and assessing your own health and diet. It’s about the pleasure of sharing knowledge, growing, eating, drinking and turning that plant into a simple remedy!

You can book these workshops individually but,
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Here is the order of the 4 courses being held here in 2018 (please follow links to individual days for more info, including timetables for some - but to book for the remaining 4 days , please do so on this page.

  • Living Medicine: Digestive Discomforts - Sunday 13th May
    Join this fascinating course to better understand how digestion works, understanding common digestive problems, plant actions, how to identify parsley (and/or cabbage) plant family, food & herb knowhow kit, remedy making: grain/pulse dish, digestive decoction, mucilage powder mix, pesto.

  • Living Medicine: Sleep, Anxiety & Fatigue - Sunday 8th July
    This one-day workshop will cover how our nerves and hormones function, understanding insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and headaches, plant actions, identifying the bean family food & herb knowhow kit, remedy making: hot valerian chocolate, essential oils bath & pillow, tincture.
    Sleeping difficulties, anxiety and fatigue have many causes.  Understanding our basic hormonal functions and rhythms show us how to improve their resilience. We will identify herbs in the garden that affect our hormones and nervous system and explore how specific foods and eating patterns support sleep and mood.  Our practical remedy making will include how to prepare a tincture, an unusual hot drink blending cocoa with an unlikely herb, using essential oils and other mood-supporting ways of using herbs and foods.

  • Living Medicine: Skin & First Aid  - Sunday 9th September
    This one-day workshop will cover creating a food & herb knowhow kit for first aid and skin problems, identifying the daisy family, remedy-making: infused oil, ointment, cream, lotion.
    The skin is the body’s largest organ with multiple nerve endings to protect us. We will explore how to nourish its many functions with foods and herbs. This practical session will cover how to address common problems such as eczema, cold sores, insect bites and acne, and which herbs are specific for viral, fungal or bacterial infections.  We will look at these herbs in the garden, smell and taste them and together turn them into useful remedies.   We will make an infused oil, ointment, cream and lotion as part of a first aid kit.

    Living Medicine: Coughs, Colds & Allergies  -Sunday 11th November
    This one-day workshop will cover: How our immune system functions, understanding coughs, colds, allergies, identifying rose family, plant actions, remedy-making: inhalation, vapour rub, throat decoction spray, gargle

Please bring your own apron if you wish and rainwear in case of poor weather for our herb walk in the Garden.
The fee for the course includes morning coffee/tea, lunch and afternoon tea with cake, along with handouts and a remedy to take home each day.

Alex Laird BSc MCPP Founder Director, Living Medicine

Alex is a medical herbalist and founder of charity Living Medicine ( to enchant and reskill us all in the use of plants and food in everyday healthcare. She set up the first herbal clinic in hospital dermatology at Whipps Cross University Hospital, where she is tutor-practitioner to herbal BSc students. She has practised at Breast Cancer Haven in London for 16 years. She is a council member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP), and formerly of the Aromatherapy Organisations Council.

She has undertaken clinical research and is a visiting lecturer to universities including Westminster, East London and Hertfordshire. Originally a TV producer, she then worked as an aromatherapist for staff at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, with drug users and those with HIV while training as a medical herbalist. Her quest is how to create health in individuals and communities at all levels, physical, spiritual and environmental.

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