Traditional Japanese ink painting: Painting Roses & Bees in ink and colour
Friday 27th April 2018, 9.30am-4pm

This one day workshop will be dedicated to painting roses in Japanese ink and watercolour. This technique is based on simplicity and minimalism and is a training of discipline of hands and mind. It enhances self-confidence and flow with the brush, promoting new sets of drawing skills. 

The morning will begin with an introduction to include brief history, tools and materials and demonstration by Talia.  Using traditional method, students will learn how to make ink, and follow on a step-by-step practice of basic brush strokes and technique to paint beautiful Roses and bees.

In the second part of the day, students will be invited to view flowers in the garden, from which to design their own unique painting. 

 * Beginners are welcome.

* Fees include tools and materials, works sheets, lunch and light refreshments

There will be the opportunity to purchase a personal set of high-quality tools and materials during the day.

Talia Lehavi is a professional artist and a certified teacher of Japanese ink painting based in London. She has many years experience as a creative artist and a teacher of ink painting, calligraphy & watercolour techniques, with rich knowledge of the arts of east Asia and its ink painting tradition.
Talia has been teaching and lecturing at various museums, gardens, art councils and associations in the UK and worldwide. See  for more.


Do I need previous knowledge? I am a complete beginner.
No previous experience in art or ink painting is required. This workshop is designed for mixed level abilities, and Talia will offer 1-2-1 time for each student to progress in their own rhythm.

Is there an age limit?
15 and up

I am a professional artist, is this for me?
Yes, many professional artists and designers have been studying with Talia and benefit from the aesthetic of Japanese art and practice. The workshop will offer new ways of observation and understanding composition and space in Japanese ink painting. 

What about tools and materials?
If you have your own kit, do bring it along. Otherwise, the workshop will have all that you need for the day, including an opportunity to purchase your very own set of brushes, ink and paper.

Sorry, this event is now sold out.