Supper talk: Weird and Wacky Plants Project!

With help from some of the world’s most prominent plants people, join Michael Perry (aka Mr. Plant Geek) on an hour’s visual journey through the fascinating plant world! We’ll look at plants with super powers, plants that move themselves, plants with sexual prowess, plants that smell of weird things, and lots lots more!Read more

Supper talk: Delicious Garden Drinks

Spend the evening learning how to brew up delicious and healthy drinks from seasonal garden produce. Rachel de Thample, teacher at River Cottage and nutritional therapist Ciara Jean Roberts will take you on a delicious tasting tour of drinks using fruits, flowers and herbs such as Elderflower Kefir, Wild Cherry Kombucha and Rhubarb Ginger Beer. By the end of the evening you’ll know how to make your own and how to use them to make you feel amazing.Read more

Spices, Ayurveda and new health messages from India with Pukka Herbs

The team from Pukka Herbs get in on the ‘Beverages, Bubbles and Brews’ act with a talk from experienced herbalist/herbal strategist Simon Mills. Supper will be served before and after. Read more

Supper talk: The Social History of the Pub

It could be argued that the history of Britain’s relationship with drink mirrors the evolution of the nation, interwoven with themes from colonial and imperial history, industrialisation and social change. After a broad overview of this longer history, the talk will concentrate on the changing fortunes of the pub from the end of the eighteenth century to the middle of the twentieth, examining the reasons for its evolving uses, character and form.Read more

Supper talk: Captain Bligh and the Breadfruit

While most people have heard of the mutiny on the Bounty in 1789, relatively few will know that William Bligh fulfilled the mission – to transplant breadfruit from Tahiti to the West Indies – on a second voyage, with two ships, in 1791-93. This talk will explain the project, its problems, and the differing outcomes of these two remarkable Pacific voyages.Read more

Supper talk: Unnatural Selection

When Charles Darwin contemplated how best to introduce his theory of evolution to the general public he chose to compare it with the selective breeding of domesticated animals; shaped by the hand of man and increasingly popular in Victorian England. In this talk, marking the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s great work on domesticated animals, author of Unnatural Selection, Katrina van Grouw, explains why this analogy was more appropriate than even Darwin had realised.Read more