Sunday 14th July

Join us and The World Bee Project CIC for an activity-packed day celebrating our favourite pollinators and the plants they love.

Build a ‘Bee Hotel’, make a flower crown, sample a shot of Gosnells mead, learn about Bermondsey Street Bees and pick up some top pollinator-friendly planting tips, with our resident apiarist – Peter James – on hand to chat about beekeeping in the Garden.

There will be a series of talks in the Gallery featuring experts on honey bee and hive monitoring, honey, pollinator-friendly plants and gardening, including:

  • Sabiha Malik, Founder and Executive President, The World Bee Project CIC
  • George Clouston, Head of Operations, The World Bee Project CIC
  • Dale Gibson, Founder, Bermondsey Street Bees
  • Duncan Coston, Scientist, University of Reading
  • Michael Holland, Head of Education, Chelsea Physic Garden

We are delighted to be part of The World Bee Project Hive Network, contributing to important research which could initiate actions to save bees and flowers.

The World Bee Project CIC is a global monitoring initiative partnering with Oracle to blend cloud computing technology with world-leading bee research, helping inform and implement global actions that contribute to local and global research projects, create more sustainable global systems, and improve food security and nutrition.

Follow the link for information about Defra’s Bees Needs week – 8-14 July.