Whether it’s the hops in your pint of beer or the leaves that infuse into your afternoon tea, this year at Chelsea Physic Garden we are exploring the plants that add the flavour and fizz to the glorious drinks and beverages that quench our thirst. Without plants, any drink would just be water and water can’t quite reach the parts of your soul like a strong cup of tea can or perk up your senses like the sharp bitter sparkle of a gin and tonic.

Through the immersive theme of drink, we will be exploring the plants, history and people behind our favourite infusions and cocktails through a series of events and workshops. Although pouring a glass of bubbly might appear to start with the popping of a cork, there are journeys made from grape vine to champagne flute and quinine to G&T. Many of the plants featured in the theme are part of the Garden’s collection and we will be exploring the intriguing stories linking drinks to our rich 350-year history – and raising a few glasses along the way.

Don't Miss our brand new art exhibition 'An Elixir of Letters' based on the theme of drinks, May 2018