Our education team can come to you to celebrate and learn about the wonderful world of plants.  Choose from one of our workshops below or work with Jennie, our education and outreach officer, to plan a personalised project to meet the interests and needs of you and your community. We can also deliver assemblies and talks on a theme of your choice.

School sessions are available for: assembly (FREE), full-day (£320) or half-day (£160). Book a session here.

We have some provision to offer free sessions to a limited number of schools. Please call Jennie on 020 7349 6474 or email on [email protected] to discuss this option.

If you are community group looking to learn about plants or develop an outdoor green space, contact Jennie here

Building growing spaces

Enhance the children’s outdoor learning experiences by building an edible school garden, creating planter box using recycled containers or building a plastic bottle ‘green house’. Whether you have the space for raised beds or only a few window ledges, together, we can help you engage your children in how to grow their own food. 

Food is medicine

Key Stage 2 & 3

Did you know that approximately 1/3 of the food that is produced is thrown away and that food waste generates approximately 2.1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions on London alone? That’s the equivalent to one in every 4 cars. Using food that would otherwise go to waste, children learn basic cookery skills, explore new ingredients and flavours and design their own savoury recipes. As well as learning about how food can create a healthy body and mind, children will learn about the seasonality of food, local vs global food systems and how food has an impact on the environment.

Plants - poison or cure?

Key Stage 1, 2 & 3

Be careful what you touch and what you eat. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of poisonous plants in the world, and some of them are deadly. However, many poisonous plants, if taken in the correct dose, can cure disease. Learn how to identify plants that poison and create a plant-based “poisonous” potion and a medicine to cure ailments.

Lotions and potions

Key Stage 1 & 2

Learn about plants that can be used as medicine to heal you, both inside and outside. Make a healing balm, scented herb bag and plant your very own mini medicine garden.

Shelf Life

EYFS, Key Stage 1 & 2

How many plants have you used today? Plants are essential to our everyday lives – from what we eat and wear to how to travel. ‘Shelf Life’ was devised to illustrate the diversity of the plant kingdom and for children to make the connection between everyday products and their plant origins. Create your very own display of plant-life by using recycled product packaging as containers to plant seeds. Children will learn how different plants grow and basic gardening skills. Read more about this here

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