Do not miss Autumn at Chelsea Physic Garden

After a glorious hot Summer, Autumn ushers in a mood of back-to-school and nestling down for cooler temperatures. But there's plenty of activity going on in the Garden where the change of season lets the golden colours of autumn really shine. Take some respite from the bustle of London and discover the plant life that blooms when the Summer heat fades.

Top picks include our Nyssa sylvatica whose leaves will be turning a brilliant red orange and yellow. Our Ginkgo biloba trees are also thriving. Ginkgo extract from the tree’s fan-shaped leaves has been highly prized for its medicinal properties for centuries, but it is also a popular botanical beauty ingredient. The tree’s seeds are an edible delicacy, popular in the Far East.

Red and orange leaves too flashy for you? Discover the beautiful Zelkova serrata and Taxodium distichum trees and find out why they are a favourite with Nell Jones, Chelsea Physic Garden Head of Plant Collections.

And do not give up on the sun just yet. With weather forecasters predicting warmer conditions this Autumn you may be lucky enough to catch our impressive Dahlia imperialis in flower. Summer might be over, but the sun will not be setting on the Garden any time soon.

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