When may I visit to discuss my needs and to view the premises? 
Please email Megan Taylor or call 020 7349 6460 to arrange a visit to the Garden to discuss your event.

Are the public here on the day of our event?
On weekdays between 9 am and 6 pm, the Garden is open and may be used by children as part of our Education program. Between April and October, this includes Sundays.

To which parts of the Garden do we have access?
If you’re hiring the entire Garden, your guests may wander as they please. Only the glasshouses remain closed.

What if it rains?
We advise that for events with over 90 guests a marquee is hired to ensure everyone has space to remain dry.

May I bring my own caterer/marquee supplier or entertainment company?
Due to the unique nature of the Garden, marquees, caterers and entertainment companies need to be sourced from our accredited list. If you have a query regarding using a non-listed supplier, please contact the Events officer.

Can we supply our own alcohol?
This would need to be arranged via your chosen caterer

Can we have music?
Yes, as long as it is not incongruous for the surroundings. We prefer jazz and ambient music.

May we bring our own florist?
Yes. Florists need to arrange access directly with the Garden.

Are we responsible for security?
Locking up on the day or evening of your event is provided by the Garden, as part of your hire fee.

May we bring children?

Yes, but it is very important that children are well supervised, preferably by someone dedicated to that duty. Initially, please discuss with us how many children are expected, and depending on numbers, we may consider it necessary for an extra Duty Manager to be hired.

May we take photographs?
Yes, the Garden is a wonderful venue for photography. Plants may also be photographed, providing the images are not intended for commercial use.

May we hold charity fund-raising events?
Yes, and please discuss the nature of your event with the Head of Marketing & Commercial.

What are the rules about smoking?
Smoking is permitted outside in the Garden but not in any of the structures on site. Please ask your caterer to supply suitable ashtrays.

Does the Garden have access for people with disabilities?
Yes, apart from the upstairs Gallery, which is accessed via a flight of stairs.

What are the cloakroom facilities like?
There are toilet facilities in the entrance foyer and in our Reception Building. You may ask the caterers to supply coat rails for coats and belongings.

Please note that the Gallery is located on the first floor with access only via a staircase.