The Apothecaries Garden- Sue Minter


A history of The Chelsea Physic Garden written by former Curator Sue Minter Read more

The Nature-Printer


By Simon Prett and Pia Östlund 'A Tale of espionage, ferns and roofing-led' Read more

Favourite Flower Poems


A rich collection of poetry that celebrates the beauty and symbolism of flowers.Beautifully illustrated with nostalgic illustrations of a range of beautiful blooms, this book includes a diverse range of poems. From verses celebrating the beginning of spring with the emergence of the snowdrops, daffodils, and bluebells to poems that honour the summer colour of asters, the heady scent of jasmine, and the brazen sunflower. National Trust. Read more

Letters To A Beekeeper


By Alys Fowler This the story of how, over the course of a year, Alys, the Guardian gardening writer, learns how to keep bees; and Steve, the urban beekeeper, learns how to plant a pollinator-friendly garden. Read more

The Curious Bartender's Guide To Gin


By Tristan Stephenson Read more

The Brother Gardeners


By Andrea Wulf One January morning in 1734, cloth merchant Peter Collinson hurried down to the docks at London's Custom House to collect cargo just arrived from John Bartram in the American colonies. But it was not bales of cotton that awaited him, but plants and seeds. Read more

Trugs, Dibbers,, Trowls and Twine


By Isobel Carlson Read more

Around The World In 80 Trees


By Jonathan Drori Read more

Herterton House And A New Country Garden


By Frank Lawley Photography by Val Corbett Read more

The Golden Age of Botanical Art


By Martyan Rix "The Golden Age of Botanical Art" brings together the stories of the intrepid explorers (some of whom became botanical artists by default) and the many professional artists who recorded the flora that they discovered on their travels and expeditions" Read more

Black's Nature Guides: Wild Flowers of Britain and Europe


A guide to the wild flowers of Britain and Europe, featuring hundreds of stunning photographs, packed with fascinating flower facts. Read more

Auriculas Through the Ages: Bear's ears, Ricklers and Painted Ladies


Auriculas Through the Ages: Bear's ears, Ricklers and Painted Ladies by Patricia Cleveland-Peck. Illustrated by Elisabeth Dowle. Hardback edition Read more