Learning Resources

Support your teaching with our downloadable educational resources for children and young people ages 3 to 16+. These resources help to learn about and connect with the natural world even if you are unable to visit the garden.

Bees and Other Pollinators

Students will enjoy a day at the Garden observing hardworking pollinators visiting plants from around the world. They will learn how bees work together to support flowering plants, how important they are to humankind, and ways we can help protect them

Black History Month – Plants, Places & People

Join our team to discover plants from the African continent and the Caribbean. You will hear real life accounts of how people use plants for food, medicine and other resources whilst exploring our 4-acre Garden.

Seed Dispersal

Students will explore the fascinating world of seed production and seed dispersal with examples from around the world. They will observe how plants in Chelsea Physic Garden spread their seeds and each student will plant a seed to take away.

Plant Hunters

Students will identify and practice the skills needed to be a plant hunter. Students will learn about why people collected plants for the Chelsea Physic Garden, observe how plants have adapted to different environments and discuss what plants can be used for.

The Garden has a research student programme encompassing a variety of academic disciplines. Learn about our students’ work supporting the Garden and how they gain valuable research experience for their future careers.

We offer various courses for working professionals, including academics, craftspeople, and scientists, to enhance their skills. Custom in-house training is also available for institutions.