Schools' sessions & self-led visits

Our schools' sessions offer hands-on educational experiences that meet national curriculum requirements.

Workshops are available for all students from Early Years to Key Stage 4. We welcome enquiries home-education groups and secondary schools. We adapt all workshops to meet the needs of everybody.

We also offer self-led visits with resources to support your visit.

Book a school visit
Session type (up to 30 pupils) Price
Self-led visit (includes entry and self-led resources if applicable) £90
1 hour Early Years session £90 (+£20 lunch space if available)
1.5 -2 hours Session (KS1+) £125 (+£20 lunch space if available)
Full day session (10am-3pm) £220 (Includes lunch space)
Onsite session at your school- Half day* £150
Onsite session at your school- Full day* £350
Discount for schools with 20% pupils eFSM 50% off session rate (see access scheme for schools for more information)

Bees and Other Pollinators

Students will enjoy a day at the Garden observing hardworking pollinators visiting plants from around the world. They will learn how bees work together to support flowering plants, how important they are to humankind, and ways we can help protect them

Black History Month – Plants, Places & People

Join our team to discover plants from the African continent and the Caribbean. You will hear real life accounts of how people use plants for food, medicine and other resources whilst exploring our 4-acre Garden.

Plant Hunters

Students will identify and practice the skills needed to be a plant hunter. Students will learn about why people collected plants for the Chelsea Physic Garden, observe how plants have adapted to different environments and discuss what plants can be used for.


Students will explore the wonderful array of plants and animals living in the wide range of habitats that can be found within Chelsea Physic Garden. They will identify how plants have adapted to environments from around the world and investigate creatures living in the pond or the soil as well as creating a minibeast habitat to take away.

We work with further education institutions across a variety of academic disciplines. You can either bring you students for a visit or work with us on a specific project, Find out more about some of things we can do with you.

We offer occasional CPD training for teachers to support your knowledge and skills to teach environmental educations.