Wilder Botanics bath relaxing soak

We formulated our organic Wilder Relaxing Bath Soak especially for an end of day ritual to help soothe, nourish and relax the entire body transforming your bath into a cornucopia of natural elements.

Epsom salts: nourishing & moisturising
Epsom salts are a pure natural mineral compound of Magnesium & sulphate. They’re easily absorbed into the skin helping to relieve aching tense muscles after a long stressful day.
Sulfates help to improve the absorption of nutrients and to help flush impurities from the body. These relaxing salts also help to reduce inflammation and ease irritated skin whilst stimulating circulation.

French Green Clay: absorbing impurities & mineral rich
We source the very best French green clay for our bath soak from natural sources in France. Mineral rich in calcium , magnesium , silica , phosphorus and iron oxide it's strong absorbent properties draw out impurities from the skin the largest eliminative organ of the body, including environmental stressors. This rich clay tones and softens the skin and its antibacterial properties help to ease any irritated skin conditions .

Chamomile: relaxing & anti inflammatory
Soaking in our organic Chamomile helps with anxiety and an over active mind easing sleeplessness, tension and irritability. Chamomile is an incredible skin healer and works well with all skin types especially sensitive skin .

Oatstraw: nerve restorative & calming
This herb is the one to reach for when you're feeling totally burnt out helping to calm and support you .Thats why we've added this mineral rich and high in antioxidants organic Oatstraw to our bath soak. Its hydrating emollient properties also helps to repair tired skin.

Lavender: nurturing & sedative
Lavender is renowned for its calming and sedative properties. Helping to relax muscular tension, our organic Lavender has a harmonising effect on the whole body helping to create a peaceful state of mind.

And a natural muslin bag
This is for you to infuse your Wilder relaxing bath soak …give it a good squeeze after infusing. Something that we love to do after all the epsom salts , herbs and French green clay have infused with the hot bath water and just the herbs are left in the bag is to place the muslin bag across the forehead for an extra special relaxing herbal poultice.