Chocolate Tuesday

Join us to look into the history, geography and science of chocolate and celebrate this very special plant-based food. The day will includes craft activities, a Garden tour, chocolate tasting and the chance to create your own mixtures to take away. For ages: 6 - 11 Read more

Storm in a Teacup

Something exciting is brewing at Chelsea Physic Garden… For 2018, Studio Cultivate Play Green presents: ‘Storm in a Teacup’. Join us to discover the bitter, sweet stories of our favourite brew All served with Studio Cultivate’s special blend of dynamic story-telling, dramatic adventure and brilliant botany. We will put our taste-buds to the test as we discover the chemistry behind the perfect cuppa. Read more

Lotions and Magic Potions

Can a poison be a medicine? Explore a brief history of medicine and find out about the folklore of plants and ‘witch-craft’. Learn how the power of plants can heal and soothe. We will show you how to make some of your own natural and low-cost healing potions and plant a mini medicinal garden to take-away. For ages: 8+ Read more