CPD training (Continuing Professional Development)

Our yearly CPD sessions provide teachers with more knowledge and practical skills to bring the curriculum to life. We specifically help teachers to develop skills in outdoor learning and plant science.

Teacher training

We are currently developing our CPD sessions for this year. Please keep an eye out on our website or join our mailing list to find out more.

Our secondary science PGCE students have visited the Chelsea Physic Garden for years, and the Education Team has always provided a well-planned and enjoyable day, tailored to our needs and schedule. The Garden is a wonderful place to consider outdoor learning, the benefits and logistics of school field trips, and to simply enjoy the fresh air.

– Imperial College, London

Book a school visit to the Garden for workshops and self-led visits tailored to various age groups. Our staff will help make your visit smooth and memorable with amenities such as a sheltered lunch area and guided tours. Advance booking is recommended.

We work with further education institutions across a variety of academic disciplines. You can either bring you students for a visit or work with us on a specific project, Find out more about some of things we can do with you.