Plants Have Secrets: Digital Youth Project

In August 2023, seven young people took part in Chelsea Physic Garden’s third and final Plants Have Secrets digital youth project. The group made a podcast episode to feature on Chelsea Physic Garden’s main podcast.

The participants learned about plants that are featured in our historic glasshouses, following their restoration in 2023. Some participants were inspired by plants elsewhere in the Garden. The young people worked in small teams to produce podcast segments that were put together by Ned Sedgwick, the producer and one of the hosts of Chelsea Physic Garden’s podcast.

The participants were passionate about their chosen subjects. They created insightful and engaging content to listen to. After hearing the podcast episode, you may see the featured plants in a completely different light. Subjects covered were plants from the Andes, the Opium Wars, privilege and gardening, chocolate and the symbology of plants.

Listen to their podcast episode below

Podcast trailer & behind the scenes

Listen to the Garden's main podcast