Founded in 1996 as Rhubarb events, Rhubarb Hospitality has grown into a collection of iconic restaurants, bars and venues across the UK, US and Berlin whilst continuing to grow a leading events business across London and New York.

RHC is an international premium hospitality group with the unique capability of executing and delivering multiple events at a consistently high level.  With a wealth of experience spanning 27 years and catering to more than 600 events annually, RHC consistently exceeds the expectations of a diverse clientele. From grand dinners for over 2,000 guests to daytime conference food for a broad range of guest.  Our expertise shines in crafting exceptional experiences that blend culinary artistry with considered presentation.

Our dedicated culinary development and creative teams continually scour the globe for the latest trends, presentation styles and unique designs, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry. With a forward-thinking and bespoke approach, our chefs create new and innovative products while aligning each food concept with the client’s theme.

We take immense pride in our signature offerings, however we also recognise that every event is unique and personalisation is the key to making it truly special. Our in-house creative team work closely with clients to realise the event vision and client’s aspirations – bringing together original food presentations and unique table settings to complement bespoke menus and themes.

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