Spook London

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Spook is a modern hospitality company catering for the world’s most prominent brands and individuals. It was founded by Emily Few Brown in 2013 and has led the way for modern catering. Our ethos brings people together and allows them to step out of the everyday world and indulge in life’s true luxuries. Our events and locations embrace nature and are wild in every sense of the term – we support local producers and British farmers who have sustainability and biodiversity at the forefront of their processes.Produce, people and places excite us. We are invested in the community, the customer, the conversation, and the journey, all of which being personal and approachable. We want to connect people and people to connect: with each other and with nature.Our creative and operational in-house team is the driving force behind all Spook experiences. We’re a team of diverse talents, interests and backgrounds. We love to bring fresh perspectives to the table and help bring our clients vision to life. We will work closely with you on receptions, dinners and all day events to create an unforgettable experience. Our approach to food and drink is informed by the seasons and what we enjoy eating and cooking. A passion that is instilled within us, dedicated to the cultivation of crops, nature, wildness, farming & sustainability.

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