Plants Have Secrets: Digital Youth Project

In October 2021, eight young people took part in Chelsea Physic Garden’s first Plants Have Secrets digital youth project. For this project, the group produced two films which they wrote, directed and acted in themselves.

The participants learned about plants that have the power to alter the mind. These are called psychoactive plants. Chelsea Physic Garden has many psychoactive plants in its collection. The young people used this as inspiration for their films.

One film explores the perceptions we have about psychoactive plants and it features interviews and real stories. It captures candid reactions and the film is enhanced by imagery from the Garden and hand drawn elements.

The other film is a comedy which presents how psychoactive plants exist within our society. It portrays a ‘What if?’ situation that makes viewers laugh and think about the role of psychoactive plants in their lives.

Quotes from participants
What was your favourite day?

  • “My favourite day was Thursday when we did the filming because it not only promoted teamwork but it promoted creativity and it gave me a lot of confidence working with other people I don’t know.”

Tell us a new skill you learned.

  • “I learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, which I’ve always wanted to know but I never had the chance to actually learn it. Adobe is a long way away in my school course.”
  • “Are you doing this again? Can I come next time?” – a participant at the end of the activity week