Elkstone Road Garden Oasis - Beginners Gardening

Elkstone Road Garden Oasis: an urban community garden in North Kensington in collaboration with RBKC community gardening team. Beginners gardening workshop.Read more

Elkstone Road Garden Oasis - Making bird boxes and feeders

Elkstone Road Garden Oasis: an urban community garden in North Kensington in collaboration with RBKC community gardening team. Making bird boxes and feeders.Read more

Behind the Scenes Tour - July

Join our Head Gardener or another member of the gardening team to explore areas of the Garden not usually open to the public. Read more

Supper talk: Weird and Wacky Plants Project!

With help from some of the world’s most prominent plants people, join Michael Perry (aka Mr. Plant Geek) on an hour’s visual journey through the fascinating plant world! We’ll look at plants with super powers, plants that move themselves, plants with sexual prowess, plants that smell of weird things, and lots lots more!Read more

Living Medicine: Sleep, Anxiety & Fatigue

This one-day workshop will cover How our nerves and hormones function, understanding insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and headaches, plant actions, identifying the bean family food & herb knowhow kit, remedy making: hot valerian chocolate, essential oils bath & pillow, tincture. SOLD OUT Read more

An Elixir of Letters Talk and Tour with Martin Cook

The Lettering Arts Trust's Martin Cook talks about his work on the Garden's 'An Elixir of Letters' exhibition, followed by a tour taking in all the beautiful pieces including his 'Enjoy Life' scuplture.Read more

Tree Identification Seminar: Leaves

This will help you identify trees more easily and get to know more about special specimens within The Garden. We will begin in the classroom with a practical session studying leaves and other details of trees helpful with identification followed by a tree walk in the Garden to put into practice all you have learned. With Letta Jones, Lecturer in Horticulture and Garden History.Read more

Better Garden Photography

This workshop welcomes photographers at any level of experience. It will provide you with knowledge, skills and techniques that you can use to improve your photography of plants and gardens, no matter what type of camera you have. With professional photographer Philip Smith - founder of the International Garden Photographer of the Year. Read more

Bee Friendly!

This day will give you an overview of the life and workload of a honey bee and an introduction to practical beekeeping. There will be a honey tasting session, a discussion about how to encourage bees and other pollinators to your own garden as well as the risks facing them. Finally, a planting session for you to grow your own pollinator-friendly selection at home.Read more

Supper talk: Delicious Garden Drinks

Spend the evening learning how to brew up delicious and healthy drinks from seasonal garden produce. Rachel de Thample, teacher at River Cottage and nutritional therapist Ciara Jean Roberts will take you on a delicious tasting tour of drinks using fruits, flowers and herbs such as Elderflower Kefir, Wild Cherry Kombucha and Rhubarb Ginger Beer. By the end of the evening you’ll know how to make your own and how to use them to make you feel amazing.Read more

Botany for Gardeners

Is a potato a root? How do fruits form? What exactly is photosynthesis? If you are interested in answering these questions, then this day course could be for you. It offers complete beginners a relaxed introduction to the world of botany. With Karen Van Oostrum.Read more

Behind the Scenes Tour - Aug

Join our Head Gardener, or another member of the senior gardening team to explore areas of the Garden that are not usually open to the public. Read more