How can you be active this summer?

Calm your mind and body this summer with our Be Active events running from June – August. The Be Active program is centred around food, yoga and education, ideal if your looking to unwind after a year like no other. 

The focus of the program is to prioritise both mental and physical well-being. Being active doesn’t necessarily mean vigorous exercise. As even a gentle workout can release endorphins, improving your physical health and providing a sense of achievement. Being within the Garden in the sun will encourage those endorphins. Each event has been created to provide you with a chance to actively de-stress and regenerate. Relax and escape, with Chelsea Physic Garden’s contemporary, well-being sessions. The Garden provides a greater sense of natural recuperation, allowing you to prioritise your body and mind. 

Our landscapes offer individuals the opportunity to get away from the London chaos with its unique location in the centre of London.  Located in the heart of the city the plants, flowers and herbs will allow you to breathe in the fresh air and hear the sounds of nature. All of these aspects provide a greater sense of the natural world and how they connect with our body.  Let our Garden re-engage your mind, body and soul.

Events & Activites

What we’ve got planned to make sure you’re able to keep active.