Sustained periods of gusting wind speeds over 40mph

– The Garden will be closed immediately.
(1) all visitors, onsite learners, etc. evacuated immediately.
(2) all work in the garden by staff, volunteers or contractors STOPPED and everyone evacuated away from Glasshouses and Retail Area.
(3) all peoples in the vicinity of Curators House and the Learning Building must take the nearest direct exits on to Royal Hospital Road to avoid tall trees.

The decision to close the Garden due to High Winds is made through the Visitor Experience team (Duty Manager), Horticulture Team (Responsible Gardener) working together to make a recommendation to the Deputy Director (Visitor Experience) before making a final request/update to the Director.

• Whether trees are safe = responsible gardener
• Areas to cordon off = responsible gardener
• Keeping garden open/closed = The Director or Deputy Director – with input from duty manager and responsible gardener
Who is the responsible Gardener?
• Nell Jones (NJ) is responsible for trees when she is on site.
• Allison Napier (AN) deputises.
• If neither is on site, one of the Gardeners will be nominated by NJ or AN.
• At the weekends the sole gardener is responsible for trees.

Who is the duty/site manager?
• This information is in the Operations calendar.

  After high winds (while staff are on site or following high winds at night) When high winds have been forecast/ during high winds


Responsible gardener Inspect trees and areas around trees when safe to do so.  i.e. when the high winds have passed.  Inspect glasshouses for any damage or dangerous glass

If, anything is unsafe, cordon it off

Inform duty/site manager immediately or when they are onsite

Inform NJ or AN so that reparation work can be arranged

Complete high winds tree inspection form

Clear up debris

Be alert to changes in wind speed and monitor the weather forecast regularly


If you believe the wind speed is strong enough to cause damage to trees and buildings, notify the Duty/site Manager


Close all vents on glasshouses


Duty/site manager Inspect buildings for damage


Look at any areas of concern with responsible gardener


Agree that actions taken are appropriate


Be alert to changes in wind speed and monitor the weather forecast regularly


Take wind speed measurements in line with policy


Consult with responsible gardener


Close all vents in the glasshouses (if gardener not on site), clear them of visitors and lock the doors