Amanda Austin Flowers

As a highly credited and published Chelsea Florist, Amanda Austin Flowers is recognised for the most exceptional seasonal flowers, whether they are for weddings, events, dinners or of course the most beautiful bouquets delivered daily throughout London.

From our perfect little shop in Chelsea, where we meet all our brides and customers, to the unit in Wandsworth where we create all the larger event pieces, weddings and contracts.

Amanda, Lydia and the team have a wealth of experience and knowledge,  Ask us for something and we will create it for you. With service valued as priceless, our hands on approach and unique knowledge of all things flowery, we are always here to help.

” Goodness!! Where do we start?!?! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all your support with organising the most fabulous weekend of Wedding Shenanigans ever in the whole of time. Here are a few pics, including of your fabulous bouquet, which was PERFECT with the dress.  Everyone commented on how beautiful the church looked too – “

“A week later we are still getting profuse thank you messages, and without fail the one element everyone raves about is the flowers… they were magnificent. Thank you is wholly inadequate to express how grateful I am.”

“The best kept Secret in London” Tatler Magazine

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