Change Plant Places!

We will soon be closing our main glasshouses. We need to do this so that we can take them down and repair the wood and glass. Before this can start we need to empty them. One of the first areas to be emptied is our terrestrially planted area in the southern hemisphere glasshouse. Terrestrially planted means that the plants are in the ground not in plant pots. The plants from this area will be moved into the propagation house. This space has more room at this time of year because the seedlings can go out into the Garden now it is warmer.

Many of the plants that are moving are from Cape Floral region of South Africa. Once the glasshouses are repaired we will use these plants to tell visitors more about this region. The region is very biodiverse which means that there are lots of different types of plants there. There are over 9500 different plants and 70% of these do not grow anywhere else in the world.

The plants will never return to the southern hemisphere glasshouse. This glasshouse will become the new propagation house. This new propagation house will make it easier for visitors to see how we grow our young plants and the Cape Floral plants will have a new home in a different glasshouse.