Community garden

A big part of this project is helping people connect with gardens. In London many people don’t have a garden. Having a garden is about more than just looking at plants. Caring for the plants yourself is very good for wellbeing. Most of the plants in our Garden are very special. We cannot let visitors care for them because they could hurt them.

Our community garden gives people the chance to get their hands dirty. Shivani Patel our Learning and Engagement Coordinator and our Community Gardener have worked with volunteers to make a new garden. The volunteers have helped plan and plant the garden. Lots of the plants in the Community Garden are edible and so the community can use what they grow.

One of the volunteers, Dan, told us that “this has been wonderful! Both planning the planting and doing the tasks involved have engaged me and genuinely been calming. Thank you! (it’s like mindfulness in practice!)”