Company of Cooks

We are Chelsea Physic Garden’s in-house catering team, we run the Physic Garden Café situated in the midst of the garden

 We are a company filled with people who loves  bringing you on a food and drink journey.  A team set out with a clear vision; to bring  something unique and exciting to your  special day or evening event. The goal is to bring you and your  guests on an experience that  stimulates all senses, fusing beautiful  and meaningful design with quality  and innovative cooking.

Our aim is to craft food and drink that celebrates the setting, which is why Head Chef Felipe Coelho is passionate about creating seasonal menus inspired by the garden’s herbs, vegetables, and plants. We construct our dishes  from fresh, local produce and we have  been refining this process for over 25 years, ensuring that our food is as  sustainable as it is delicious.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect three course meal, business lunch or wedding dinner, we have menus to fit the bill. We will work with you to create the  perfect menu.

Looking forward hearing from you!

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