Finding our voice

As part of our Glasshouse Restoration Project we will be making a new audio guide for the Garden. The audio guide will tell people about the Garden and its plants. We want the new guide to represent the many stories the Garden has to tell.

Right now we are thinking about which stories to tell, and how best to tell them. We are working with Skellon Studios to come up with these stories. To do this we have lots of research into the history of the Garden. We are also doing lots of research on the plants that we have and how they are useful to humans. We will bring these things together to create interesting stories.

We are also working out who should be the voice of this new guide. To help us do this a group of the Garden’s project leaders got together to discuss what this voice should be like. It was decided that the many stories of the Garden need to be told by many voices. To do this we will now look for multiple hosts to introduce different sections of the Garden. We will also collect stories from volunteers to put in the guide.

Before we publish this guide it will go through testing. We will make drafts to show to different groups of people. We will then change our guide based on what they think. It will probably take us two years to plan, test and record the whole guide.