The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ is turning out to have lot of wisdom to it. Perhaps it’s an over-reliance on modern medicine, but rather than relying just on pills and doctors, there is more and more evidence that we can take control of our health and prevent illness through a lifestyle medicine approach.

At Chelsea Physic Garden this year, we are celebrating the power of plants and food as medicine to help support well-being and health. We have invited some of the most eminent and inspirational health care professionals in the field to give a series of talks and events throughout the year. We will also have a trail running in the Garden to highlight some particular plants which are hugely beneficial to a healthy lifestyle as well as ones, like sugar, to enjoy in moderation.

Whilst there’s no magic one-stop cure, there’s no doubt that the force of plants and nature can be a powerful aid so come and find out how to give yourself and your health a helping hand.

To celebrate our “Food is Medicine” theme we’ve a lovely sculpture at the entrance to the Garden. The artwork is by the artist Tom Hare, find out more about Tom here:  An Apple a Day