Handing Back

We’re happy to say that almost all of our glasshouses have been “handed back”. They aren’t finished, but the builders have done the most important fixes. The gardeners can now put the plants back inside. This is a really big deal and marks the start of a new life for the glasshouse. It is also a bit of a relief. The delays that we had earlier in the project meant some of our plants have been homeless for a long time. Now the gardeners have them back all the plants can be in the right place. This means they can get the right temperatures and humidities.

Right now, the Tropical Corridor, Atlantic Islands and Pelargonium glasshouses are being filled with plants. There’s still a lot of work to be done before visitors can come and see them. The plants need time to settle in. We need to put up signs and information boards so people can learn about the plants and find their way. When you first visit the new glasshouse you might notice some of the plants look small. We had to remove some old big plants during the project. These plants have been replaced but it will take a little time for them to get big again.

We didn’t just fix the glasshouses. We also upgraded them. One thing we’re really proud of is the new automatic doors. These doors are easier for people with mobility issues to use. The new systems have been added to our restored doors. This means that everyone can enjoy our collection of amazing plants and the glasshouses retains their historic character.