Like many heritage sites across the UK, COVID-19 has been very hard for Chelsea Physic Garden. This is why we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant of £428,300 from the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund.

“This money is a lifeline for cultural institutions like ours. #HereForCulture means we can be part of a movement that unites the public, government, and cultural organisations. This Garden has been on the brink of financial collapse a few times in its long history, but we are confident we will survive the challenge this pandemic brings. The Government’s Culture Recovery Fund ensures we can carry on and puts us in a good position ready for 2021” – Sue Medway, Director

This vital funding will ensure we can survive through the winter months, traditionally quiet for us, but also invest in new capabilities that future proofs us against the changed landscape that COVID-19 presents.

The funds allow us to retain our skilled staff that keep the Garden running day to day, doing everything from caring for our world-class living collection of plants to connecting young people with the natural world around them through our schools programme.

COVID-19 revealed that we needed to improve the digital resources and capabilities of the Garden. This money means we can make these game changing investments. Not only will our existing audience be better able to connect with us, but we will reach beyond these groups and take our mission to new areas of the country, and the world.

At nearly 350 years old our Garden takes a lot of looking after and this grant will allow us to undertake the work to do just that. Vital repairs can be made to our Embankment gates allowing better access to our site and preserving a historical landmark on the Chelsea Embankment.

We always want to improve the accessibility of our site, making sure that it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. This has become even more important during COVID-19 due to social distancing. The Government’s Culture Recovery Fund allows for a redesign of our entrance making it wheelchair accessible and providing plenty of space in a new welcome area.