KAS Films


Katharine Abel Smith (KAS Films) is a documentary-style wedding videographer based over the river in Clapham, London. She had her own wedding reception in the Chelsea Physic Garden in July 2022, so knows the Garden well.

Katharine has nearly 10 years experience as a TV producer and director, and has worked on BAFTA award-winning programmes. She now also makes elegant and timeless wedding films, with a natural and discrete approach. She uses minimal equipment and blends into the background, capturing the joy and emotion of each part of the day.

Recent feedback from a bride:

“… Thank you, not only for making the most beautiful memory of our wedding, but for being so kind in all our conversations and on the day. For really going the extra mile to get the best shots (love all the drone too), for staying late, for blending so seamlessly into the party and being such a positive and calm presence in the morning… It’s funny I thought photos were more important than video because you’d have them printed and out etc, but really I think if I could have one I would rather have your video. It just captures the day and the emotions in a way the photos just don’t. I really could not be happier with the video. Words seem so inadequate but thank you so much… ❤️”

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