Learn about the lives of hardworking bees and other pollinators in the Garden. Students will learn about the different kinds of bees they might find amongst our plants, and the ways in which plants depend on pollinators.

Enjoy a tour of the Garden where students can observe bees in their habitat. Students will have a chance to identify different bees, see flowering plants in different life stages, and become pollinators together with their classmates.

This workshop is available from May to October.

Learning Objectives:

Children will:

  • Understand the importance of pollination.
  • Become familiar with the life cycle of flowering plants.
  • Recognise different types of bees.
  • Observe and identify different bees.
  • Learn about other pollinators.
  • Appreciate the ways in which humans rely on bees.
  • Discover the ways in which we can help protect bees.

National Curriculum Links:

  • Science: Working Scientifically
  • Science: Living Things and Their Habitats
  • English: Spoken Language

Important session information:

Please be aware that schools' sessions are either from usually from 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm. We will create an itinerary for you based on the availability of our Chelsea Physic Garden educators.

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