Musa acuminata

Scientific Name: Musa acuminata

Common Name: Banana


Origin: South East Asia

In 2010, research found that lectin from banana fruit is a powerful HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) inhibitor. Lectin is a protein that binds to specific carbohydrates. As such, it can bind to structures on the human immunodeficiency virus, which could block the virus from entering a cell. This specific lectin found in bananas is referred to as Banlec. It has even been suggested that it can be applied topically and may be relatively inexpensive to produce. Further research is needed, but the Musa acuminata plant may help fight the spread of HIV.

HIV tends to disproportionately affect the LGBTQ+ community. Historically, there have been many societal hurdles that have made the virus difficult to fight due to prejudice. However, the fight against HIV has made strides in faster testing, more effective medication, and preventative methods.

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