May 2021

For a small team, we really pack some punch.  We moved 14 tonnes of well-rotted horse manure out into the Garden to mulch the beds in just 2 ½ days a couple of weeks ago….  Our next focus is construct the plant supports for the herbaceous perennials.  We make these out of coppiced hazel, twine with canes for extra support.  They may look like pieces of art,  and we definitely build them with an eye to the aesthetic, but really they have to be built well to last the season and do the job of keeping those plants upright!  The smaller woven hazel sticks are called pea sticks and we get ours from a coppiced woodland in Kent.  Coppicing is a sustainable practice of woodland management that has been done for hundreds of years where the woody material is harvested on a 5-10 year cycle and then allowed to grow back until it is coppiced again..  As John, the woodsman who supplies all our coppiced wood says, ‘by using these products we support the environment, wildlife, rural jobs, ancient skills and traditions…….as well as the plants!’