I am Pinus sylvestris. If you prefer to call me by my nickname, Scots Pine, that’s okay too. You can recognise me by my blue-green needles and reddish-orange bark. Since I am not to bothered by the changing weather, I pretty much look the same year-round.  

Trees like me can live for up to 700 years and we can be as tall as 35 metres. We are native to the United Kingdom, and we are especially abundant in the Caledonian pine forest in the Scottish Highlands. In the Caledonian pine forest, we help wildlife thrive – this includes the Scottish wildcats, red squirrels, pine martens, and capercaillies. 

Throughout history, people have used my wood to fuel fires on the night of the winter solstice as a plea to the sun to bring back longer days. My sticky resin and needles would produce refreshing scent and were also thought to cleanse the air of dark spirits. My wood is widely used for constructing poles, fencing, and gates. My inner bark can be used to make rope, and the pinecones can be used to make dye.