Moving House

Lots of plants in the Garden come from Southern Africa. As part of the project some of these plants will live in the new Southern Africa Glasshouse. Visitors will also see plants which come from a special area of South Africa. This area is called the Cape Floristic Region. This is an important area of South Africa because it is very biodiverse. The word biodiverse describes an area where a lot of different types of plants and animals live. These areas are very important and there are not many of them. The Cape Floristic Region is an area which needs looking after and protecting. We will display plants from this area to visitors and explain how important they are to biodiversity.

Chelsea Physic Garden is a very biodiverse space. There are lots of different plants in the Garden. The topic of biodiversity will be explained on signs in the glasshouses. These signs will be for visitors to read and learn from. We hope people who visit the Garden will learn about biodiversity and understand why it is important to protect these areas. We also hope people will want to help look after these biodiverse areas and the plants that live there.