Super soil

You might not think that soil needs to be restored, but it does. Over time the nutrients (the food plants take out of soil) get used up. You can put some of these nutrients back using fertilisers. Fertilisers make the soil last longer but can’t be used forever.

The other problem with old soil is that it gets squashed together. Over time the layers of soil become harder and harder. When this happens air gets pushed out of the soil. Air is important in soil because it has oxygen and carbon dioxide in it. Plants use these to help them grow. If you take these things away the plant will struggle to get food from the soil.

This is why as part of the Glasshouse Restoration Project we also have to restore our soil. The Head of Plant Collections has been working hard to find exactly the right soil for us. We have lots of different plants and they all like their soil a little different. We have to find a soil that will keep them all happy. We have chosen a temperate mix from Petersfield. This soil mix is also used by Kew in their Temperate House. We think that it will be right for us too.

This new soil will have plenty of nutrients and air so will keep our plants happy.