The Dolmen Hoard

From this month our glasshouses are closed to visitors. This is an important part of our Glasshouse Restoration Project. The glasshouses have to be taken apart to fix every bit of them. The glass will be carefully taken out of the windows and walls. Every inch of the wood will be looked at to make sure it is safe. Any wood or glass that is too old or damaged will be replaced.

This is difficult work that takes a lot of skill. We are working with a special company called Dolmen to do this for us. Dolmen are specialists in looking after historic buildings like ours. They will help us to keep the glasshouses looking like they always have. They will also help us to put more modern equipment inside them. This will help us to control things like temperature and humidity.

Closing the glasshouses while this work is going on keeps everyone safe and means Dolmen can work as quickly as possible. Over the next few weeks, you will see special fencing called “hoarding” being put up. This hoarding hides the worksite from visitors. We will be cutting little windows in this hoarding so that you will be able to see what is going on and see the work that Dolmen is doing.