The Garden of Edible Plants

Chelsea Physic Garden occupies land formerly utilised as market gardens, and so has a long history of growing edible crops. The Edibles garden created in 2012, showcases a diverse collection of fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Beds in the centre display plants according to their vitamin content and the surrounding beds demonstrate a range of unusual and tender herbs and spices, along with plants used to produce edible oils and alcohol. 

Did you know that of the more than 20,000 different edible plants on earth, only around 20 are in common production? Find out more about some of the more unusual species in the Garden! 

 The Garden of Useful Plants

The Garden shows over 200 species used both historically and today.  It aims to bring people closer to the plants which are inextricably woven into our everyday lives. An eclectic mix, you'll find beds with plants used in everything from housing to dyes to fabrics and much more. 

In the centre of the area sits a bee forage, a collection of plants useful for attracting pollinators to other crops.