Join us in heralding the first signs of spring as we reopen on Sunday 23 January 2022. Visit during a celebration of the earliest spring blooms, the coming of warmer weather and lighter days.

There will be a special Heralding Spring Trail, leading you around the Garden finding some of the many species of snowdrops and spring blooms growing here. Follow the course of dainty white flowers weaving though London’s oldest botanic garden, and you will start to see why snowdrop collecting became so popular that the term Galanthophile (from Galanthus, or snowdrop) was coined to describe collectors of these plants.

We will also be selling a selection of plants during the week, for you to take home your very own harbinger of spring.

The Physic Garden Café will be offering hot food and drinks, perfect for a rest in between plant hunting.

Please click the button below to download the Snowdrop Trail ahead of your visit. There will be printed Heralding Spring leaflets available to pick up when you arrive.

Open Sunday 23 January – Sunday 30 January 2022 (excluding Saturday 29 January), 11am – 4pm, last entry 3.30pm.

Book your entry tickets below.