Welcoming the Atlantic Islands Glasshouse

We are very happy that we now have two glasshouses that are fully restored. The Cool Fernery is now back open to visitors. While Glasshouse 2 is closed but able to house plants.

Glasshouse 2 houses plants from the Atlantic Islands. When we re-open the glasshouses it will be known as the Atlantic Islands Glasshouse. Lots of the plants will stay the same but we will tell different stories about them. It will tell people about the problem of pests. The Atlantic islands are very special. Lots of the plants found there aren’t found anywhere else. This makes them vulnerable to pests. Animals and plants are brought to the islands by humans. These can hurt the plants that already live there. Animals eat plants. New plants take away nutrients and space. Humans might also be considered a pest. Humans take away space for plants to grow and cut down plants to use them.

Pests mean that some of the plants in the Atlantic Islands Glasshouse are quite rare. The Garden works hard to protect these plants. It is possible that some of these plants might disappear in the wild. The Garden conserves these plants in case this happens.

This glasshouse won’t be open to the public until next September but we are very happy that these special plants are back in their home.