Can't make it to us? The Education Department can visit your school with an assortment of plants, artefacts and more - to deliver a fun and interactive workshop that meets National Curriculum objectives. We can also develop an assembly. For Learning Topics see below

Booking a visit to your school

  • Bookings for outreach visits can be made for Mondays to Fridays during school hours.
  • Visits can be for a whole day (typically 10am-2.30pm) or half a day (10am-12pm/12.30pm-2.30pm).
  • Time can be spent with one class or sessions can be adjusted for multiple classes across a year group. Note: sessions are 1-hour minimum. 

To book a visit, please complete the booking form.


Half-day: £170

Full-day: £345

Assemblies are complimentary.

We have some provision to offer discounted visits to select schools

Email: Lois Moxon-Holt on [email protected]

 Learning Topics

Senses (EYFS/Year 1)

National Curriculum links: Using my senses to explore textures, sounds and scents of nature.

Wild Plant Walk (Year 1/2)

Go on a walk in your local park or school grounds to identify and name a variety of common wild plants, including 'weeds' and trees.

National Curriculum links: Identify a range of common plants, including trees

Plant Pigments and Natural Dyeing (Year 3/4)

Look at the role of colour in attracting pollinators and learn how to use plant pigments as natural dyes.

National Curriculum links: Identify the functions of parts of plants; identify the role that flowers have to play in pollination; notice that light is reflected from surfaces; improve art techniques

Lotions & Potions (Year 3/4)

Learn about how plants can heal and make a range of herbal remedies.

National Curriculum links: Observe that materials change state when heated/cooled

Where Does Food Come From? (Year 5/6)

Identify and use common and unusual foods from around the world to make a delicious meal to share. Discuss pros and cons of global trade.

National Curriculum links: Understand seasonality and know where food comes from; prepare and cook savoury dishes

Lotions & Potions (Year 5/6)

Learn about how plants can heal and make a range of herbal remedies.

National Curriculum links: Use techniques of filtering and sieving; reversible and irreversible changes

If you would like something different, please email: [email protected] or call on: 02073496474