Gardener’s Blog

Nell Jones, Head of Plant Collections, fills us in on what he and the team are up to each month. Our glasshouse project is well underway and lots of plans are afoot to restore the gardens to their original splendour.

“Whilst I am Head of Plant Collections now, I started at Chelsea Physic Garden nearly ten years ago as a volunteer who was getting into horticulture. I trained here and know and love the glasshouses. I have probably raised 50,000 plants in them and helped conserve the many rare and precious species they house.” – Nell Jones, Head of Plant Collections

Plot on a Plate – The Winners!

The high quality of entries was noted by all three judges, and we are keen to share every one of the 170+ plots across our social media channels over the next few weeks. Well done and thank you to…

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Food is Medicine

The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ is turning out to have lot of wisdom to it. Perhaps it’s an over-reliance on modern medicine, but rather than relying just on pills and doctors, there is more and…

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How to be a horticultural trainee

Horticultural traineeships give trainees a chance to experience the various aspects of working in a small botanic garden, gaining experience in practical horticulture and the management of a unique…

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